5 Games to Play in the Car

Posted on 17th October 2018

5 Games To Play In The Car

You’re only 10 minutes into the road trip and you’ve heard it already. The dreaded question. “Are we there yet?!”. 

Sitting still for long periods of time and getting stuck in endless traffic only increases this agitation. Luckily, long car journeys don’t have to be boring. To help you pass the time and use your mind to keep you alert on the road, here are 5 games to play in the car:

I spy 

With my little eye, something beginning with… 

You guessed it. The all-time classic I Spy is such a simple but great game to play in the car for both kids and adults to enjoy. It’s also an opportunity to really take in your surroundings; spotting quirky landmarks in phenomenal landscapes can soon become unusual options for tactical game playing. HPL top tip: nothing says spoilsport like selecting a target that zoomed past a mile ago, so keep it in range!

Car Tag

“Yellow – no returns!” “Punch Buggy!”

The objective is simple - players establish the cars they’re aiming to find and shout each time they find one. When spotting a Mini Cooper, the player gives a little punch to the player next to them and yell “Mini Punch!”. The options are endless, so make sure you’re keeping the punches light and friendly to avoid a painful journey!

Hold your breath

Are the carpool karaoke renditions and sibling squabbles getting too much? The hold your breath game is a great trick to get in some quiet time. Upon approaching a ginormous tunnel, challenge the passengers to hold their breath until you emerge at the other end. The same can be done until the next roundabout and each time they see a car in a certain colour, so there’s plenty of opportunities for some peace and quiet.  

The Quiet Game

This one is fun for the parents. If the holding your breath game isn’t working as well as you thought, try “who can stay quiet the longest?”. Everybody loves a bit of family competition, so it won’t be long before you’re driving in blissful silence. 

Would you Rather?

Would you rather be stuck behind a learner driver, or be in front of a tailgater? This game certainly makes you think hard about the most outrageous, unrealistic situations and reveals everyone’s true colours. Try not to hold their choice against them though, it’s only a bit of harmless fun!

You’re now prepared with some great entertainment for your next journey, so there’s no excuses for asking the forbidden question of “are we there yet”. Get in touch with us today and we can ensure that you’re leaving with your new car in an hour or less ready for your upcoming road trip.

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