The Best Electric Cars in the Market in 2021

Posted on 10th March 2021

In 2020, sales of electric cars rose by 43% worldwide. And with the UK government aiming to end sales of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030 this trend looks like it will only continue to accelerate. 

Whilst the actual number of electric cars on our roads is low compared to petrol and diesel, if current trends continue that looks set to change considerably over the next few years. Particularly as more is being done to make the infrastructure adjustments necessary to support larger numbers of electric vehicles. 

The good news for those looking to go green is that car manufacturers are responding to increasingly hostile initiatives from governments against fossil-fueled vehicles. So the options are pretty good for anyone currently looking to buy an electric car, and look set to continually improve.

With that in mind, here are our top picks for electric cars in 2021. 

Peugeot e-208

The Peugeot e-208 is a great all-rounder with the added attraction of being able to cover longer distances than many other electric vehicles of a similar size. For a small car, the interior head and leg space don’t seem to be an issue. And the smart interior design and practicality of the car definitely make it an appealing option. It’s an electric vehicle that isn’t trying to show it’s an electric vehicle — in fact, it looks much the same as its fossil fuel counterpart, minus the exhaust. The benefit of this is it has many of the same attractions as the regular Peugeot 208 and may appeal even to people who aren’t necessarily looking for an electric car. 

Fiat 500e

Until the technology trickles down and cheapens a little more, electric cars in general are still more costly than their fossil-fuel counterparts. So we have to give an honourable mention to the Fiat 500e as one of the cheapest electric cars on the market. But it isn’t just the price tag that makes the Fiat an appealing option. As well as being the perfect car for commuting and nipping around the city, the Fiat has a pretty long range and is quick to charge — making it a fierce competitor to its rivals. 

Tesla Model 3

The most affordable and perhaps the most hyped of Tesla’s offerings, the Model 3 certainly does deliver in terms of performance. Whilst it still isn’t exactly cheap, the price point is certainly competitive for a car that feels exciting, offers high-tech and is great to drive. And with an impressively long range as well as access to Tesla’s vast charging network you won’t need to worry about being caught short. If you’re looking for a best-in-class electric vehicle and willing to spend, then you don’t need to search much further. 

Interior of a Tesla showing the dashboard and touch screen interface

Volkswagen ID-3

This family-friendly five-door hatchback offers a comfortable ride at an affordable price. In the slightly futuristic-feeling interior you’ll find a central touchscreen which controls pretty much everything. And the boot is big enough to fit most every day items such as prams and small suitcases. Added to that, an ability to charge much faster than many of its rivals and a strong coverage range and what you’re left with is an electric car that’s fun to drive and ticks nearly all boxes. 

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