Best First Cars

Posted on 1st August 2018

Top 4 First Cars

Turning 17 opens a huge milestone in your life; driving. Passing your test allows a newfound freedom, and simultaneously a new cause of worry for parents. When buying your/your child’s first car, it is important to explore different options. After all, you never forget your first car.

Having been lucky enough to drive a few ‘first car material’ vehicles with HPL Motors, and here are my top 4 picks of best first cars to drive.

Seat Mii

First up is my first car, the Seat Mii. The most perfect little first car, you will not go wrong with this vehicle. 

It is compact, making parking and spatial awareness as easy as possible for new drivers. It is an easy drive, with comfortable and not too flashy interior. 

With both a five door and three door option, this car will fit all your friends in the car. With the option for an aux chord, and DAB radio, this car has plenty of entertainment options.

The insurance for the Seat Mii is low, between Group 1 and Group 3, with low road tax. HPL offers these cars for less than £100/month, making this car a good, cheap option for a first car. 

Yet, low price is not at the expense of safety. The NCAP safety rating is an astounding five stars, amazing for a city car.

Click here to explore Seat Mii’s at HPL Motors.

Fiat 500

Another great first car is the supermini, Fiat 500. 

Again, this car is small and compact, allowing stress free parking and driving. 

The Fiat 500 is undoubtedly a good-looking car, and its range of colours from white to yellow, beige to light blue, means it is fit for a range of personalities. The shape of the car is attractive, and the car is undoubtedly popular amongst younger drivers. 

There is also the 500L and the 500X, however these are not as popular first cars as the classic 500 Pop or Lounge (which has a slightly better spec and is therefore more expensive).

With an NCAP rating of 3/5, the Fiat 500 is a safe vehicle for your first car. 

Finance for this car is available for under £200/month, a great deal for such an attractive and popular car.

Click here to explore Fiat 500’s at HPL Motors.

VW Polo

The VW Polo is a ridiculously smooth drive, and one of my favourite first cars. The model is simple, yet the drive is beautiful and the interior comfortable. Driving at high speeds on the motorway is not an issue, as it is a stable and quiet ride.

It is an attractive car, and comes in a range of colours such as white, red and bright blue. This small hatchback is a bigger than the two city cars prior mentioned, yet not too big. It is still easy to park and drive, but with a comfortable amount of space within the vehicle. 

This used car can be yours from less than £200/month with HPL Motors. Road tax is also low, with insurance from group 5 to group 7. 

Safety is always a huge priority, and this car does not disappoint with an NCAP rating of five stars. Indeed, adult safety is an impressive 90% at models after 2009.

Click here to explore VW Polo’s at HPL Motors.

Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is the flashier cousin of the VW Polo. 

The small hatchback is a smooth drive, quiet and stable during high speeds. Slightly bulkier than other cars, it is still a good first car, yet not as compact and simple as the city cars. 

The spec and flash-factor of the Renault Clio is undeniable, with a high-tech, grown-up feeling. It is refined and stylish; a beautiful first car. The interior is sporty and spacious, and is a modern drive.

From £100/month from HPL Motors, and insurance group from 8 to 12, this is a more high-end first car. Yet the price is reflected in the chic exterior and well-designed interior.

The NCAP rating is high with five stars with all models after 2009, so as well as been sleek, the Renault Clio is also safe.

Click here to explore Renault Clio’s at HPL Motors.

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