The Best Used Cars for City Driving

Posted on 29th April 2021

Finding the ultimate city car can certainly be a challenge and there are many practical considerations to take into account. 

For practical purposes, anything too big just won’t work on narrow streets and even narrower parking spots. And anything too flash you won’t want to risk the possibility of scuffs. So when it comes down to it, the main features we’re looking for is something compact, robust, and agile. Well, here are a few solid options that certainly tick all the boxes. 

Fiat 500e

It’s small, it’s nippy, and it’s electric. The Fiat 500e is the ultimate car for squeezing into that tight space right in front of the restaurant that everyone else has had to leave because they just can’t quite fit. And better still, this model is electric — meaning you’ll avoid any taxes on harmful emissions. This, coupled with the fact that the Fiat 500e is one of the cheaper electric cars on the market means you could be saving a fair bit of money. But it isn’t just the price tag that makes it an appealing option. As well as being the perfect car for commuting and nipping around the city, the Fiat has a pretty long range and is quick to charge — making it a fierce competitor to many electric rivals. 

Close up of two hands on the steering wheel of a Fiat 500

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Not quite as small as the Fiat, but definitely compact. The Volkswagen Golf GTI will be well equipped to weave through traffic, and if you’re activating sport mode then you’ll be comfortably leaving everyone else behind at the lights. The enduring appeal of the original hot hatch continues as it offers good everyday practicality as well as performance-focused body control. It’s a comfortable car and a fun one to drive. A perfect all-rounder for city driving, that will still serve you well when escaping the hustle and bustle with a long weekend drive. 

Mini Convertible

In the UK, we’re keen to soak up all the vitamin D that we can —  a point further demonstrated by the fact that the UK is one of the biggest markets in the world for convertibles, despite a climate that should indicate otherwise. Regardless, as our keenness for a soft top shows, we are an optimistic bunch, and no one wants to miss that one day of sunshine because they’re stuck in a traffic jam. The Mini Convertible then offers you everyday functionality, legendary compact size for weaving around city streets, and the chance to get your top down and soak in those rays. That certainly makes it a winner in our books. 

So there you have it. Three popular options for city dwellers that you should easily be able to find on the used car market, and will cover all your needs from parking in tight spots to longer range weekend driving. 

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