Buying A Used Car Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!

Posted on 31st October 2018

Buying A Used Car Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!

For first time buyers, car shopping can be a spooky experience. It’s difficult to know if you’re making the right choice regarding the type of car, which dealership to go to, how much to spend, which features to have… the list goes on. But buying a used car doesn’t have to be scary. At HPL, we ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth as possible.


There’s no room for frights thanks to our quality and trustworthy service. Here is our guide to buying a used car to avoid making a decision that will come back to haunt you:



Do Your Homework


If you’re feeling anxious about buying a used car for the first time, it’s best to do some research so that you’re not overwhelmed. This way, you can eliminate cars that do not match your needs and requirements. So whether your commuting daily or driving your kids back and to football practice, it’s always worth finding out which car is most suitable.


There’s also added features to consider like heated seating and back-up cameras. Have a look around online to see which are your favourites so that you’re coming in prepared. Once you’re at HPL, we source the most in-demand and desirable cars to ensure you’re buying exactly what you want.


Price Is Everything


The price of a car is arguably the most important factor to consider when shopping; we’re all frightened about paying too much. Luckily, no two used cars are the same. At HPL, we check our prices against the market every single day so that you’re receiving the best possible deal.  Our price match promise guarantees to beat the price of any like-for-like car by £100.




Although you’ve started your research and feel more prepared, you may still feel nervous about buying a used car. We understand that it’s a huge decision, so we’ve made the car shopping experience as convenient as possible. We take care of everything from servicing and valeting to part exchanging and sourcing finance under one roof. You truly don’t need to go anywhere else.


Flexible Finance


To make you feel more at ease, we also make funding your car as simple as possible. Our revolutionary new approach to car finance 'Finance First' allows you to choose the car of your dreams, from anywhere by getting your finance before you choose your car.


Pop in for a complimentary tea or coffee to browse our fantastic selection of cars and receive expert advice. Give us a call today for more information and follow us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to start your research. 

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