In detail: Audi A3

Posted on 3rd November 2022

Audi’s A3 is a car that is known by nearly everyone. Bringing the look and feel of the famous four rings as well as a whole lot of space and practicality, the A3 is an excellent all-rounder that can be the ideal choice for all manner of drivers. 

Today, we’re going to have a look at it in detail to see just why the A3 has proven to be so popular and why it’s worth checking out on HPL today. 

Premium look and feel

That premium feel attracts people to the Audi badge and is present and correct in the A3. You’ll find plenty of high-quality materials used throughout, while the level of fit-and-finish is excellent. Everything feels well screwed together, while HPL’s inspection ensures that this is present on every example it sells. 

You’ll find that a lot of the A3 models currently on sale have a full leather interior, too, which helps to take that premium feel further. 

Loads of engine options

There’s an engine to sort all buyers of the A3. Across the HPL line-up you’ll find efficient petrol and diesel-powered models, so there’s something to suit all types of driving. Spending most of your time on the motorway? The diesel is probably your best bet. More of a town driver? The efficient petrol engines will be a good fit. 

The 1.0-litre TFSI petrol engine is particularly frugal, too, and can return up to 60.1mpg. As a result, you won’t have to spend too much time at the pump. 

Plenty of features

Many A3 models currently on HPL come with a large infotainment screen, which is where you’ll access all of your key media and navigation functions. 

Plus, many cars come with Apple CarPlay, which allows you to seamlessly ‘mirror’ your smartphone onto the car’s screen by connecting it with a USB cable. It’s a breeze to use. 

Refined driving experience


That premium experience extends to the way the A3 drives. It feels like a much larger car to drive, in terms of the way it suppresses outside noise from entering the cabin. This makes it a very relaxing model to drive and helps to make long journeys feel just a little shorter. 

If you’re after an even more calming experience, then many of the A3 models currently on HPL come with a smooth-shifting automatic gearbox, too. 

Loads of space

Practicality is something that the A3 offers in spades, making it a great car for families. Despite its relatively compact size, the A3 offers up 380 litres of boot space, which you can increase up to 1,220 litres by folding down the rear seats. 

That means it’s got more than enough room for the weekly shop, or even several large cases when you’re heading away on holiday. 

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