Everything You Need to Know About an MOT

Posted on 2nd July 2021

An MOT can sound like a mystifying thing for the uninitiated. But as car owners are required to have one annually it’s something that you’ll become well-versed with over the years. If you aren’t quite there just yet though, here’s all you need to know about an MOT if you haven’t had your first one just yet.

First of all, what does it stand for?

Well, first a little bit of history. MOT is an abbreviation of the Ministry of Transport. The Governmental department is in charge of regulating transport systems in the UK, as well as taking care of all things road-safety. Consequently, it was the Ministry of Transport who first initiated the MOT test in 1960.

OK, but what purpose does an MOT actually serve?

Primarily, an MOT is a way of attempting to improve road safety. An MOT will check whether your car is safe enough to be on the road so as not to put you or other drivers in any increased danger, and also to check whether it’s environmentally friendly enough to be compliant with UK regulations. 

And who needs to have one?

When a car becomes more than three years old, an annual MOT is a legal requirement. For most drivers this means they’ll have to have one yearly; this is particularly true of first-time drivers who rarely drive new vehicles. So it all depends on the age of your car essentially. 

White car in an indoor car park with tail lights on making it glow red

What actually gets checked during an MOT? 

  • Brakes

  • Electrics 

  • Body

  • Steering and suspension

  • Seat belts

  • Tyres 

  • Battery

  • Exhaust 

  • Registration plate

How much will it cost?

They can vary in price but the government places a cap on the costs so the maximum it should come to is £54.85. Remember though, driving without a valid MOT certificate could cost you up to £1000. 

How can I make sure I don’t fail?

The best thing you can do to prepare for an MOT is to stay on top on your car maintenance throughout the year. Keep on top of any work that needs doing, don’t let small issues with your car go untreated for long periods of time, and generally keep the car well maintained to make sure you don’t fail your next MOT. 

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