How to Sell Your Car

Posted on 31st October 2021

Selling your car can seem like a daunting process whether you’ve done it before or not. It’s tricky to know the best way to go about it, and can be even harder to know if you’re getting the right price - so we’ve created a short guide to help you through the process.

When selling a vehicle you have the choice to either do it privately, as a part-exchange, or through a dealership. Below we’ll go through the advantages of each, as well as our top tips for getting the best possible price and a quick transaction.

The back end of a white car

Through a dealership

Selling through a dealership means putting your sale in the hands of a professional. It will require considerably less of your time, hassle and effort than selling privately and is generally considered a more convenient way to sell. If the car you’re looking to sell is a popular model then it’s likely that this is one dealerships will be keen to snap up. 

However, there is of course a chance that you could make more by selling your car privately if you’re willing to put the time into it by speaking to and meeting with prospective buyers. 

Value your car online to equip you with the knowledge of how much your car is worth. And then if you’re opting to go with a trusted dealership - they will simply take care of the rest. 


Doing a part-exchange is another often convenient way to sell a car. Simply trade your old car in when purchasing a new one and the cost of the old one will go towards your new purchase in one smooth exchange. 

A part-exchange streamlines the transactions and is a popular option for many owing to the ease it offers, as well as the reduction in personal time spent trying to sell the car.  

Selling privately

Private sales can certainly have their advantages, particularly if you’re selling a less common car. For rare or vintage vehicles a private sale could well be the best option. 

Whatever type of car you have, if you’re selling privately we’d first advise giving it a good clean and then taking some high quality photographs. If you do have any minor dents or scratches it could also be worth getting these repaired first as it will increase the price you can ask for. 

Take time to properly put your advert together as well. A well-written ad that provides all the relevant information a buyer might be looking for will hugely increase your chances of a good sale. Taking care with your advert makes you appear as a trustworthy and responsible car owner and seller. 

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