Part Exchange Your Car

Posted on 25th July 2018


You can part-exchange your car with HPL Motors today!

Get a fair valuation for you car with us today, you don’t even need to buy off us! We accept any type of car, and our prices have been known to beat WeBuyAnyCar.

Value your car now!

It will take less than a minute (all you need is your car registration, mileage, cleanliness of your car and whether you have a spare key). You can also come and visit us in person at our Oldham or Atherton sites, and we will give you an on-the-spot valuation and inspection. We are also available over Facebook and live chat, or visit us online.

When coming in to part-ex your car, make sure you have all the necessary documentation with you. This includes a log-book, service history, photo identification and any spare key you may have.

You don’t need to buy a new vehicle from HPL Motors, but if you do, the value of your part-ex will be deducted from your chosen new car! If your new car is valued lower than your part-ex, you will get the difference back when you drive away.

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