Top 5 reasons to buy a Kia Ceed

Posted on 18th November 2022

The Ceed is a car that brought Kia firmly into the mainstream. You might’ve seen it called ‘Cee’d’ on early cars - this was ditched as this hatchback matured - but the cleverly packaged model really struck a chord with buyers who loved its value-focused approach. 

And would you believe it, HPL Motors currently has a great crop of Ceed models to check out. But why should you be considering it? Let’s take a look at five reasons. 

It’s very practical

Practicality has been a key focus for the Ceed right from the very start, which is why you’ll find it’s got a remarkably spacious cabin for a hatchback of this size. At 380 litres the boot is a good size too, plus it’s very deep and square so it’ll be ideal for carrying larger items. 

Fold down the rear seats and this goes up to 1,318 litres too. 

There’s loads of equipment on board


As we’ve already mentioned the Ceed has a real focus on value, which is why you’ll find it equipped with plenty of technology regardless of which price point you’re looking at. Examples currently available on HPL Motors include air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and DAB radio. 

Other examples build on this with features such as a reversing camera, which really helps when positioning the car at lower speeds. 

It’s got a seven-year warranty

One of Kia’s biggest draws is its excellent seven-year warranty. However, whereas other manufacturer warranties might time out after one owner, Kia’s is transferable between them, so you can still take advantage of a manufacturer warranty even if you’ve not owned the car from new. 

That means that many of the Ceeds currently on HPL Motors still have several years of Kia-owned warranty in place. 

Sporty GT Line brings dynamic looks


Want a Ceed with a slightly sportier edge? That’s where the GT Line comes into play. It’s got some seriously striking design touches, including redesigned sills and a sportier-looking front bumper. You might notice the eye-catching LED running lights housed in the front bumper, too. 

Plus, GT Line cars get really cool alloy wheels which add a whole heap of presence to the Ceed. 

Diesel versions are incredibly efficient


If low running costs are what you’re after, then the diesel-powered Ceed models currently on HPL Motors will be right up your street. In fact, you could see up to 72mpg, which means that trips to the fuel station will be few and far between. 

Having said that, 1.0 litre petrol-powered versions will still bring a very respectable 57.6mpg and will be a great choice for those doing shorter, more local trips. 

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