Top reasons to buy a Fiat 500

Posted on 3rd November 2022

The Fiat 500 successfully transferred the look and feel of the much-loved original into a modern and efficient city car. Thanks to a very successful stint on sale, the 500 has become an excellent used car buy, with all manner of specifications and colours available through HPL Motors

But why has the 500 proven to be so popular and why should you be considering it? Let’s look at the top reasons to buy a Fiat 500. 

It’s efficient


Particularly at a time when people are really watching their outgoings, the 500’s efficiency makes a whole lot of sense. There are several engine options currently available through HPL Motors, but all are exceptionally good regarding fuel economy. 

In fact, the 1.2-litre petrol engine that you’ll find in the 500 can return up to 60mpg combined, while CO2 emissions of just 110g/km mean it’ll be cheaper to tax than many rivals, too. 

It’s small and easy to live with


Sometimes you want a car that you can drive around without worry and that’s exactly what the 500 provides. It’s compact so it’s dead easy to park, while its light steering makes piloting around multi-storey car parks an absolute doddle. 

Plus, it comes with a clever ‘city driving’ button, which makes the steering even lighter for when you’re nipping in and out of the tightest gaps. 

It’s got classic retro looks

One of the biggest draws for the Fiat 500 is its design. The iconic original is best known for its tiny dimensions and though this new version can’t quite match it when it comes to its pint-sized footprint, it has managed to capture some of the design sparkle. 

Notice the chrome accents, dinky headlights and intricate wheel designs which all hark back to the original 500. It’s a smart-looking car. 

There’s plenty of equipment on-board

There’s a lot more on offer with the 500 than just looks, mind you. It’s also jam-packed with equipment which makes everyday life a little easier. In fact, one great example currently on HPL Motors comes equipped with air conditioning, alloy wheels and even parking sensors which can make positioning this car even easier. 

You’ll find that the 500 is very equipped across the board, however, with plenty of equipment fitted to all models on sale. 

Finance is very affordable


Again, something that everyone has as a priority at the moment is value. It’s why the 500 will make such an attractive choice, as HPL can offer some competitive rates of finance on this good-looking car. 

Models currently for sale could be financed for as little as £142.75 a month, in fact, with 58 monthly payments and an initial deposit of £1,000. 

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