Top Tips When Buying A New Used Car

Posted on 28th February 2018

Thinking of purchasing a used car? You certainly should be. 

Here at HPL Motors, we are proud to stock a wide-range of over 500 cars with 30 different manufacturers on sale across 2 branches. Statistics show that many customers simply can’t afford to buy a new car anymore, with sales dropping 5.7% in 2017. Contributing to the conundrum for the car industry are rising road taxes, government plans to stop the manufacture of diesel and petrol cars in 2040, and of course, Brexit. 

New diesel cars may be falling into a demonetised bracket, but the sale of used diesel cars actually rose by over 3% last year, a figure which will surprise many. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders also reported that last year, over eight million used-cars were sold in the UK, reflecting a drop of a mere 1.1% from 2016. In an industry that faces increasing uncertainties, used cars provide a cost-effective option for buyers looking to cut their expenses.

With that in mind, buying a used car remains a cause of skepticism for some, so here are some handy tips to consider from the sales team at HPL;

Know your needs 

Whilst it’s completely normal to want a new car, not everybody needs one. Think about your personal requirements, how often you will be using it, and will it be needed for long motorway journeys? The type of fuel is also a significant consideration, as the debate between diesel, petrol, and hybrid cars is often the personal preference of the driver. Are you wanting to buy a more environmentally friendly car? Or one with better fuel economy? Do your homework on the car of your choice to help decide whether it’s not just the car you want, but the one you need.

Make sure the car is HPI checked 

Understandably the biggest cause of concern for anybody buying anything second-hand is quality and complete peace of mind. All of the vehicles we sell are performed with a full- HPI check, so we can ensure that there will be no unwanted surprises once you drive away. What’s more, our vehicles all come with an extensive 128 point check to prove it’s in the condition you deserve, with a report to guarantee this.

Check the amount of previous owners 

An obvious one, but nevertheless, an important consideration when buying a used car. The older a car, the more likely it is to have maintenance issues. Although all of our cars come with complimentary one-year breakdown cover courtesy of the AA, we understand that a strict attention to detail and quality-checks can make or break a used-car sale. 

Still unsure? Go for a test drive 

How a car looks from the outside may be very different to how it feels from the inside. Being able to test drive our cars before a purchase at HPL Motors means that you can determine whether the vehicle suits your needs in terms of space, size, mileage. and that you enjoy driving it. Most importantly, test driving provides the opportunity to check for any potential problems with the steering, suspension, and brakes, a fundamental factor for any potential buyer.

Don’t ignore the paperwork 

Hardly the most exciting aspect of buying a car, but certainly, one not to be overlooked. The most important document is the logbook, which will state you as the registered keeper of the vehicle, but remember to check that your purchase includes the servicing booklet, manuals, spare keys, and the sales contract.

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