What are the benefits of car finance?

Posted on 21st June 2023

What are the benefits of car finance?

HPL Motors offer car finance so you can drive away in your perfect car without breaking the bank.

You can put down a deposit of your choosing and decide on your monthly payments.

You can also choose your own payment period, from as low as 12 months to 66 months.

A silver Audi.

We offer PCP, HP and Sub-prime finance - find out which finance types suits you best by clicking here.

When you find your perfect car online, our finance calculator will help you find the best deal for what you want.

What are the benefits of car finance?

Choose your own deposit.

Whether you have thousands in savings or very little, choosing car finance means you can decide your own deposit amount.

We offer deposits from as low as £100 - so financing your car will not make a massive dent in your bank account.

Upgrade for the same or lower monthly payments.

You can get rid of your old car and swap it for a newer one without paying more!

Get a newer model, lower mileage, better size car without changing your monthly finance payments.

Our incredible team can help fix you the best finance deal.

Check your eligibility with a soft search.

You can find out if you can get car finance without affecting your credit score through our soft search function.

It gives you an idea of whether you will be accepted for finance. You can do a hard search with confidence. 

It takes as little as 60 seconds to fill out our simple form. Click here!

You do not need to use all your savings to get a car.

Rather than dropping tens of thousands on your perfect car, you can keep hold of your hard-earned savings through finance.

Aside from the deposit, you will not need a large amount money to drive your dream car.

Keep your savings for you, accruing interest, or spend it on something else!

You do not need perfect credit.

Unlike with a personal loan, there is more of a chance you will be accepted for finance with less than excellent credit. 

HPL Motors work with many sub-prime lenders who can help. If you have bad credit, we will do everything possible to find the right finance deal for you.

Payments are fixed, so you know what you are paying!

Your monthly cost is fixed and your payment period is as long as you want. This means you know how much you are paying and for how long.

You can budget well if you need, as there are no surprise costs. If you take on a service plan, you can also look after your car without any lump costs.

Check out our silver, gold and prestige service plans here.

It can help build your credit score.

If you have bad credit or want to improve it, buying a car on finance will help. 

By paying your monthly cost, you will show lenders that you can pay back a loan. This will ultimately improve your credit score. 

It also means that in the future, you will be accepted for finance by more lenders. This could lower your monthly payments.

Part-exchange your old car.

HPL Motors is a one-stop shop. You can finance your car in the same building you sell it! 

This means you do not need to hunt for a private buyer.

All part exchanges are valued honestly against the market.

We have a free online valuation tool for anyone to use.

*The valuation needs to be confirmed in person.

You can give the car back at the end.

Gone is the stress of selling your car when you want to switch to PCP finance!

At the end of your deal, you can choose whether to part-exchange the car for a new one, hand back the keys completely, or keep it as your own!

Use your old car’s equity as a deposit.

Your old car can help you buy your new one if it has any equity. Equity is when your car is worth more than any outstanding finance - so you are almost ‘owed’ money.

You can use this equity to make your new car’s monthly payments even cheaper. 

Get a better car

By choosing to finance your car, you will usually get a better car than if you paid with cash.

Even top-of-the-range luxury cars can have low monthly payments - rather than dropping tens of thousands of pounds in one go.

Avoid a lump sum with HP finance.

HP finance means all your payments are spread evenly over the payment period, so you do not need thousands of pounds for your car.

If you are open to paying a lump sum, however, choose PCP finance. Your monthly payments will likely be lower, but you will need to pay more at the end.

There is more security and flexibility.

If you choose to hand the car back at the end of the deal, you are not responsible for any long-term investments or costs in the vehicle.

You also have the flexibility to choose what you do with your cash depending on the finance deal - you can decide whether to give the car back, part-ex it or keep it.

Swap your car more often.

You can swap your car every few years to keep up-to-date with all the newest models.

You can worry less about your car becoming unreliable - saving money in the long run!

We have over 900 approved used cars for sale across our three sites in Oldham, Preston and Atherton. HPL Motors stock all popular makes and models, from Kia Niro to Tesla. Whether you love electric cars, sports cars or family cars, we have the right one for you.

But if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, get in touch. We can help find your perfect car for the best price. 

You can upgrade your old car for the same monthly payments, or even less than you are paying now. 

Whatever your credit score, we can do our best to find the right finance deal for you. This can be with HP, PCP or sub-prime finance. 

Choose your own monthly payments, from £100 per month. Our online finance calculator will help you find your perfect finance deal. 

Decide your own deposit, payment period and annual mileage. Then let us do the rest! Terms and conditions apply.

Car buyers can choose their perfect next car at HPL Motors and drive away happy. Many of our cars are good to drive away on the same day.

We sell used cars from Manchester and Lancashire to customers all across the country.

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