Winter Checks

Posted on 18th November 2019

Winter checks


Winter is coming and here at HPL Motors we make sure all of our cars are serviced correctly, especially as the evenings are getting dark earlier and the weather is getting colder. 

The roads are becoming more dangerous and we need to be more confident in our vehicles to be safe and reliable for this time of year. Weather such as ice, snow, rain have been known to be one of the main reasons for accidents during the winter. 

To decrease the risk of having an accident, there are ‘winter checks’ you can do before heading out into the colder months.

We asked Sue from our service team to give us her advice on the checks you should do on your vehicle during the winter period:

1. Coolant System

The first tip Sue gave was to make sure your coolant system in your vehicle is optimal, as most of the engine-related breakdowns are related to issues with the vehicle's cooling system. To avoid this, check to see whether the liquid reaches the ‘full’ line on the side of the coolant reservoir. If the liquid does not reach the line, add a 50/50 mix of water and coolant, if the coolant isn’t already remixed. DO NOT add coolant to a hot engine. Wait until the engine has cooled down, this way avoiding possible burns or cracks to the engine. 

2. Tyre pressure

Secondly, tyre pressure should be fully prepared for the icy, snowy or wet roads. It is recommended that your winter tyre pressure should be 3-5 psi higher than the recommended pressure for the summer. This will allow the tyres to be more efficient at radiating heat and they will run cooler, resulting in less hot tire pressure build-up.

3. Windscreen wipers and fluids

Another check to do during the winter is to regularly inspect your windscreen wipers and their fluids. 

As we all know, the weather in Britain can change in a blink of an eye. Being prepared for any type of weather is important as we need to have perfect vision whilst driving. Regular checks of the condition of your wipers is important as they should be suitable for screen clearing, and make sure the fluid is topped up. However, using your wipers to try and de-ice your windscreen can severely damage the wiper blade itself. 

Also, trying to remove snow that has settled can overload the wiper motor, potentially causing the wipers to snap to burn out. Invest in an ice scraper, just don't go throwing boiling water at your windscreen... 

4. Batteries

Also, checking your batteries should be a regular occurrence during the winter as this is when they are most common to run out. The last thing you would want is to be caught out with problems on your car battery in the winter. A winter check will ensure your battery is protected, charged and secured.

5. Headlights and brake lights

Finally, make sure all head lights and brake lights are working. A car light assessment will ensure all lights are working to the correct standard. There are a lot less hours of sunlight in the winter and you may find yourself driving in fog, which means front and rear lights are used more. Driving with broken lights is both illegal and dangerous, so this is a necessary precaution to take.

Why not book in for a free winter check with HPL Motors? Call us on 0161 620 8773 today, and make sure your car is in tip-top condition this winter.

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